white nei cabinet

New England Inset Cabinetry

Over the years of cutting cabinet parts for local cabinet shops we have developed our own line of cabinets we call New England Inset.  These cabinets combine all the best features of frameless European cabinets with the look of traditional New England built in place cabinets.  With the use of our CNC Router we have the ability to make precisely sized, square cabinet boxes.

Our system provides several of our local contractors with the ability to provide their customers with a true custom cabinet at a competitive cost.  All parts of our cabinet boxes are constructed of  of 3/4″ pre-finished maple plywood, including the backs.  This makes what we feel is the strongest cabinet box, made with a great UV finish already applied, eliminating the need to finish the cases.  Our nested based software using a single type of material keeps our waste factor low.  With plywood without added formaldehyde this provides a great, green system. By pre-drilling construction holes, holes for shelves, drawer slides and hinges, assembly time for these cabinets is cut considerably.

Our parts can be delivered to the customer packaged on a pallet ready for assembly.  With the addition of hardware and drawers, everything needed for new cabinets is in place. These cabinet boxes can now be fitted with any wood type door and drawer front with the customers choice of finish.  Matching styles provide the means to join the cabinets into a seamless unit with finished panels applied to any exposed ends.  We feel that New England Inset Cabinets are a great looking,  cost effective way for the average customer to have a spectacular kitchen.  Our system also works for all the other parts of a house not available from factory cabinets.  These cabinets can be used to make matching components for the entertainment/media center, vanities, bars, and even for the garage or utility room.