Inlay Work

One of the nicest ways to accent any woodworking project is with an inlay of a different material.  We have been very happy with the results we are getting cutting wood veneers and also natural shell.

With our relationship with Scantic River Guitars, we are involved with making custom inlayed guitar parts.  We have done head plates and finger boards with great looking inlays.  Using V-Carve Pro software we are able to get custom drawings into a format that allows us to cut both an inlay pocket and the inlay itself.  This software allows us to get a perfect fit leaving no gaps around the inlays for a great looking job.

Customers looking for inlays can send us their own custom artwork and we can cut the parts for them.  This does not have to be limited to musical instruments, presently we are inlaying a wedding chest with various wood veneers and with Mother of Pearl shell.  We have also just inlayed one of our customer’s grandson’s name into the lid of his toy box.