Historical Restorations

By using CNC tecnology, classic designs from the past can be recreated.  We have been involved in several projects with historically accurate restorations.

Our first project involved renewing several curved windows in a former government building being converted to high-end condos.  We were able to use precise CNC-cut molds to reproduce the arched jambs and with custom designed cutters we were able to make the frames needed to fit into these jambs.  Another project involved reproducing fanlights over the windows of an old fire station.  Using our 3d software, we were able to carve perfect fans.  With the combined efforts of one of our customers, we were able to reproduce the details of the mantle pieces found in Alexander Hamilton’s  home, The Grange, a National Parks Historic Building.  Most recently, we have been involved in remaking classic window frames for a local library and a local church.

If you are in need of a way to restore classic designs, CNC will provide the way.