Custom Signs

Although Quarter Point Woodworking did not start out with the idea of being a custom sign shop, with the ability of the router and the addition of V-Carve Pro software, we have been doing more and more signs.  Of course we can carve lettering and designs into wood providing a beautiful product, but we have become excited about some of the newer LED lighting technology, using plastic signs as well as new plastic materials available.  One such product being King Color Core, an exterior grade plastic that is basically a sandwich of different colors.  This allows us to engrave through the top color, exposing the interior color, providing a finished sign ready to place in any location without needing to be painted or finished.

Examples can be seen in the gallery.  We have cut a sign for ourselves out of clear plastic that we have lit with multicolored led lights.  With a remote control, we can change colors as well as change the lighting pattern.  This type of sign is really impressive and can be customized for your own logo or business use.

The other sign in our gallery is a Latitude and Longitude sign.  This particular sign is the position of Quarter Point Woodworking.  I have been asked to do several signs with the Latitude and Longitude of customers’ houses and also an airplane hanger, and I gave all my relatives these for Christmas presents last year.  Searching the web for these signs left me offended to the point of designing my own version.  Most of what is available online are generic locations (just your town usually) with Latitude and Longitude numbers being listed as degrees and a decimal -43.6765 for example.  As a retired Merchant Marine Officer, I can tell you that using any nautical chart or terrestrial map the number 43.6765 is pretty useless.  My sign lists degrees, minutes, and seconds as well as North, South, East and West.  With most smart phones or by searching Google, an accurate position can be found for wherever you are standing at that moment.  My sign can indicate that accuracy–your house and your barn would have different numbers, even if only  a short distance apart.  These signs could also be made with a property name or elevation if wanted.