About Us

Quarter Point Woodworking is a Maine based company specializing in CNC cutting services.  We are located in Windham, Maine, convenient to Portland and all of southern and central Maine.

The owners of Quarter Point Woodworking are Robert and Deborah Small.  Robert Small has been a woodworker most of his life, but it wasn’t until 2005 that he chose to make a living at it.   Bob’s previous career was as a Merchant Marine Officer, spending 25 years at sea, and retiring as a captain.   When he decided to change careers to the wood industry, he wanted to find a way to make himself unique in woodworking.   That’s when he found the CNC machinery.  With the purchase of our Komo Mach 2 CNC router QPW was able to start providing parts to our customers.

Bob’s entire business is run on the principle of making the high-end, factory technology available to every little guy with a woodworking shop or cabinet shop.  Now it is possible for any of our customers to have CNC capability without having to own their own machine.

The Quarter Point Woodworking team includes Bob, the chief CNC operator, his wife, Debbie, who maintains the books while working as a full-time nurse, and  Master Cabinet Maker Bruce Flanders.

Bruce’s engineering background and experience with his own custom cabinet business, as well as his time spent in the commercial cabinet world, provides him with a unique perspective on woodworking.  He has developed QPW’s own line of cabinets that provide ease of construction, top quality materials, and a built-in-place style of old time cabinetry we call New England Inset. (see our products page)

CNC  stands for computer numeric control.   The path the router takes to cut the material comes from a drawing made in AutoCAD.   The drawing is then converted to a code the machine can read.   The cut is very precise and efficient.With a nested based system, less material is used than with traditional cutting methods.  It has 360 degrees of precision, therefore maximizing the creative potential of the client.   Advantages of using a CNC router include non-linear cuts, seamless circles and arcs, and accurate square cuts.   The current software running the router is the latest available and includes 2013 AutoCad, 2013 RouterCim, and VCarve-Pro (to cut lettering for signs).

Our CNC router is a Komo Mach 2 510.  This production quality router was made here in America and has been a dependable, accurate, trouble free machine.  The bits we use to cut with are also made in America, and with the precision of the Komo router and our tool paths we are able to provide our customers with a great product.

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